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WinRar 6.24 FInal

Friend, do you already know Dunk with WinRAR? yup, the latest WinRar software is a compress utility that can reduce a file size to make it easier to move or transfer. So this Winrar software is one of the most popular software and is widely used as a file compressor. Now the latest version is 6.21 Final and of course this latest version of WinRAR makes compresses even faster, friend !. Want more details?

What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is a software to create archives of RAR file type, besides, an archiver and archive manager can also be done easily. RAR files can typically compress contents by 10 percent to 15 percent larger than regular ZIP files.


WinRAR Features

  1. Compress files faster
  2. Compress files better
  3. The GUI is more attractive
  4. Light (does not take up computer resources)
  5. Support all windows
  6. And other great features, friend

For friends who want to compress files to be smaller, you must have this software, friend.

Link Download:
WinRAR v6.24 Final
File NameLink
Mega.nz Download
Mirorred.to Download


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