Sketchware Pro v6.4.0 RC 02 - Create Your Own Apps (Work on Android 11)

Create native Android apps on your smartphone. Sketchware lets you build mobile apps using lego-like blocks. Block language lets you go beyond prebuilt widgets, allowing your application to be flexible and scalable.

Main Features:

  • Block programming similar to Scratch from MIT
  • Visual Drag & Drop Integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Automatically translated source code (Java and XML)
  • Compile and build install files on your phone (APK file)
  • Fully Compatible with Android Studio
  • Built-in library upgrades, as well as finally changing their internal names to mention the actual library name in e.g.
  • Views can now have an orientation of "none", which removes the property android:orientation="…" from Views' XML code entirely, all without any Command Blocks.
  • APKs now get aligned using zipalign before getting signed.
  • Quick AndroidManifest.xml viewer in AndroidManifest Manager
  • AndroidManifest Manager will now use the new code editor if not disabled in Mod Settings for App Components.
  • Upgrade of code editor library to upstream sora-editor v0.11.1
  • When exporting an APK / AAB, you can now also decide to not sign the APK / AAB. They will get a different output name, though.
  • Sometimes directories or files needed for compiling get deleted. Sketchware Pro now detects and tells you about that. If it's directories, you can create them with a single click.
  • The Source Code Viewer got improved. It now uses the new code editor library to show code, and launching it is instant. It generates the project's code asynchronized so that the UI doesn't hang anymore.
  • ${applicationId} in AndroidManifest.xml will now automatically get replaced with the project's package name.
  • R8 was updated to v3.3.28.
  • A new barebones splash screen that only waits until the system's ready to open MainActivity.


  • App doesn't crash without access to storage anymore.
  • Resource Manager doesn't crash on older Android versions anymore.
  • BottomNavigationView's onNavigationItemSelected Event works again.
  • Showing a file's source quickly now works for XML files, including changes made via Command Blocks.
  • You can clear the saved last compile error again.
  • Projects can have the <queries> tag in AndroidManifest.xml again. (none, since this was caused by me having forgotten to update aapt2's binaries in the APK)
  • The blue "[ViewPager] setFragmentAdapter [FragmentAdapter] TabCount (number)" Block works again.
  • If a wrong key store password was entered while signing an APK or AAB, you will now be told about that instead of getting an endless progress bar.
  • You can't add more DynamicLink Components if Firebase is not enabled.
  • The InterstitialAd Block to show an ad doesn't crash projects at runtime anymore if used outside of the onAdLoaded Event / the ad hasn't been loaded yet.
  • While creating DEX files out of project files, d8 now knows about used libraries' JAR paths. That allows it to desugar default methods into code if targetting older Android versions, and makes for example the exoplayer library work when used.
  • Adding fonts via Font Manager should now work on all Android versions again. Sound Manager following soon.
  • The built-in library localbroadcastmanager-1.0.0's DEX file now actually contains its classes.
  • The RewardedVideoAd Component got updated to work with the updated AdMob built-in library version. You will have to migrate Events to new ones over. (too many, lol)

Sketchware is a block programming based integrated development environment (IDE) for developing mobile Android apps.

It's okay if you do not know anything about developing Android apps. Sketchware is an IDE that uses block language that transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks.

Sketchware provides documentations you can follow to become an expert at block programming and Android app development. Each example contains programming concepts you can understand by completing the project.

Visually design and develop apps, then simply run your app with a single click to build and install directly on your Android device. The projects are fully compatible with Android Studio, an IDE used on a PC, so you can export your finished project and continue working on Android Studio, or your favorite editor.

Required Permissions:

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required to save and run projects.
  • GET_ACCOUNTS : This permission is required to login with Google Account.


This app was developed independently of the MIT Scratch Team, which produces the Scratch programming language and online community. The Scratch name and Scratch cat are trademarks of MIT.

Link Download:
Sketchware Pro v6.4.0  RC 02 without AAB output
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Sketchware Pro v6.4.0  RC 02 with AAB output
File Name Link
File-upload Download
Box Download
Mediafire Download

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