USB Disk Security v6.9.0

USB Disk Security is a layer 1 application to keep your USB drive or flashdisk safe from viruses. USB storage is indeed the device most easily contaminated with malicious programs. This is a problem for all of us, that it is impossible for an antivirus installed on a computer to be able to maintain the USB disk when used on other devices, right? Now if the usb flash has been hit by a virus, of course we can't handle it anymore except to delete the data in it.

But have you ever thought about preventing before the flash is exposed to a virus? The answer is to use USB Disk Security. This software will provide the best protection against any threats when using a USB drive. At least immune to viruses, malware and spyware that are well known. USB Disk Security uses innovative technology to block any known and unknown threats to your USB drive. This software protects USB devices such as flash disks, secure digital cards, thumb drives, pen drives, removable storage, external hdd, ipod, and many more. Check USB Disk Security free download link from their official website.

Free USB Disk Security Software Features:

  1. Block known and unknown threats from removable media
  2. Free for personal use
  3. Prevent unauthorized persons from stealing your data
  4. Compatible with other security software
  5. Compatible with all popular Windows platforms
  6. Fastest and lightest security software
  7. Best solution to protect offline computer

How to Use USB Disk Security:

  1. Plug the flash into the computer
  2. Download the Installer and insert it into the flash
  3. Run the installer and wait for the process to finish
  4. Flashdisk infected with virus? Say bye bye
Link Download:
USB Disk Security v6.9.0
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File-upload Download
Uptobox Download
Official Download

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