Cool Edit Pro 2.1

Ever heard of the Cool Edit Pro application? Or maybe you are the one using it? From the name, we can guess that this application is used to edit something.

The name 'Cool' itself seems to inform us that the edits using this application are really cool and make people interested in seeing the original.

Actually, Cool Edit Pro is an application that is well known to many people. This application is one that is widely used by people who are always related to music arrangements every day. But there are also using Cool Edit Pro just for fun because maybe they want to know what Cool Edit Pro looks like and how to use it.

The Cool Edit Pro application is also quite long. Even so, until now there are still many people who prefer to use it compared to other applications. In the following, we will provide more complete information about Cool Edit Pro.

Cool Edit Pro Features and Benefits

Cool Edit Pro is an application that is used to edit music sounds or process music audio. Applications are supported by various formats, such as wav, mp3, cda, and so on. Cool Edit Pro is a music processing software output from Syntrillium Co.

One of the reasons why many use it is because Cool Edit Pro is known to be lightweight. So, it will not burden the performance of your computer or laptop when editing music. In addition, this application is also equipped with single track and multi track. When you take advantage of a single track, then you can cut the waves. The trick, you just have to block it and you decide which one you want to delete.

Some of the menus on the single track, including:

  1. File, the menu used to create a new project or new session. You can also use this menu to open work files or open sessions, save according to the format we want.
  2. Edit, the menu used for editing. The trick is to press edit and then choose which one you want to edit.
  3. View, menu to open and close the taskbar.
  4. Effect, is used to improve work results. There are several plugins here such as normalize, equalizer, and volume.
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