Google SketchUp 2021 Pro

One more recent design software admin wants to share is Google SketchUp. Maybe you are wondering why the admin shares graphic design software again? yes .. because this is also a request with the most enthusiasts so it takes precedence. Ok .. for Google SketchUp Pro is basically a 3D object creation software released by Google to help and facilitate graphic design designers. Google SketchUp has excellent synchronization with 3Ds Max and Cinema 4D so it can be used as a tool. want more details?

What is Google SketchUp Pro?

Google SketchUp Pro is a 3D object creation software that is supported with abundant features and is easy to use.

Google SketchUp Pro features:
1. Good synchronization (supports 3Ds max and 4D cinema)
2. Support 64 bit systems
3. Low memory (small resources)
4. Import and export files easily
5. Complete tools
6. And other interesting features, friend

Please try and download the Google SketchUp Pro software for those who need a lightweight and easy 3D alternative software.

Link Download:
Google SketchUp 2021 Pro
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