How to download movies faster using Google Drive Sharer Filerocks.RU

This is the fastest method to download movies online in the world. Filerocks.RU is a Google Drive Sharer website available online. Here at Fmovies, Filerocks will permanantly download movies directly to your Google Drive account within few seconds. The downloaded movie will permanantly stay in your Google Drive unless you delete it by yourself. You can always watch or download the downloaded movie available in your Google Drive anytime you want. Google drive provides 15 GB of free space to all free gmail users. If your google drive is full after downloading few movies, kindly delete old movies or files from your google drive and also delete them from Google Drive's "Trash" folder too. It will free up space to download more files for you. Keep repeating this method for unlimited downloads to your Google Drive account.

Step 1) Click and open Filerocks.RU link given in Fmovies's download links section

Step 2) Click on "Continue" button on the Filerocks.RU link

Step 3) It will ask you to login to your gmail account. Enter your gmail username and password and click on "Next" button.

Step 4) Click on "Allow" button. This will allow website to download files or movies directly to your own google drive account.

Step 5) Click again on "Allow" button to continue to download file as show below:

Step 6) This will take you to Filerocks.RU "Download" page. Click on "Download" button as shown below:

Step 7) DONE! Now the movie is already downloaded in your google drive account in few seconds. Now you can click on "Download" button as show below to physically download movie to your computer hard drive or you can wait for some time for google to convert that file so you can watch that movie online as well from your own google drive account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Google Drive only offers 15 GB free space to all gmail users. Hence, you will need to manually delete files or movies available in your google drive account and also delete those files or movies from "Trash" folder too. This will free up more space to download more files. Keep repeating this method to download unlimited files. Also you can also buy more Google Drive storage, it is very cheap and affordable. Enjoy!

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