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Need for Speed No Limits Game Reviews

No Limits

Need for Speed™ No Limits, The latest sequel of one of the most famous racing game series in the world, Need for Speed: No Limits, finally officially opened to public audiences after since early 2015 ago released in limited. Glenn had written the Need for Speed preview: No Limits in January, and this time I had the opportunity to review this game in full.

Unlike its predecessor Need for Speed game, No Limits is an exclusive series developed for mobile platforms collaborating with Electronic Arts (EA) and Firemonkeys. With all the limitations of technology owned by the current generation of smartphones, I do not really expect Need for Speed: No Limits has a quality game console. Moreover, this game brings free-to-play scheme with IAP business model.

Although not reaching the console quality, I think the graphics from Need for Speed: No Limits is quite good. With a large file size and high power requirements for graphics processing, I was quite surprised with the fairly smooth frame rate throughout the game.

One more thing that interest me is EDM music that underlie during the race. Actually this is a simple addition, but it adds to the sensation of playing.
need for speed

Select Variations of Controls for you
Need for Speed™: No Limits chooses to use commonly used racing game controls for touch screen devices, but with minimal adjustments. There are three choices of controls that you can choose according to your habits.

The first is by taping on the right side of the left screen to turn the car, and the second you can rely on the accelerometer device that is on your smartphone. As for the latter, controls with a virtual steering wheel that no one seems to be using this type of control.

By swiping up you can activate nitro, while swipe down followed by a directional control will make your car drift. I myself prefer to use the controls with the left right screen tap because in addition to more efficient in terms of movement, I am also free to play in public places without fear of looking weird.

With controls that only rely on left-right turns, nitro, and drifting, it's no wonder it's a lot of customizing to adapt the race tracks to less challenging. Without the controls for the brakes, it is impossible Need for Speed: No Limits to have a super sharp bend.

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Levels Designed To Support Grinding "Needs"
Speaking of challenges, there are many things that can be done at Need for Speed: No Limits. This game has two main racing features, namely Underground and Car Series.

Both racing modes have similar features; short races, prizes in the form of items that can be earned after winning the race, a level that can be played back, and the obligation to conquer one level to play the next level. From these characteristics, you should be able to guess the level designed by EA for what purpose. Yes, grinding.

The difference, in the Car Series you can only race by using a particular model car. To get the car, you just need to collect the blueprint that can be obtained through your right-grinding answer.

I explained earlier that you can get various items if you win a level. This function item is to improve the performance of your car.

Each component of the car such as engine, turbo, until the tire can be upgraded with items that can only be obtained at certain levels. This kind of thing drains your time and energy because you have to grind at one level continuously to try your luck to get the appropriate item.

Of course, there are other ways to get items and blueprints by opening a raffle box and a gold box. Ordinary boxes only provide standard items and blueprints but can be purchased with game currency, whereas by buying a gold box you can get super rare items and blueprints that can only be purchased with gold.

For those of you who are lazy to do those troublesome things, do not worry because EA provides IAP services that you can use to buy gold. This gold can buy other things such as black market goods and "fuel" which functions just like in the real world that is consumed every time doing one race. Ironically indeed, in the game titled Need for Speed: No Limits, you still have to be limited with the fuel it has.

Need for Speed: No Limits is a pretty good game for the size of freemium racing games. Customization of the car that became the mainstay of this game is enough to meet expectations. Plus more powerful graphics and music and optimization for excellent mobile platforms make me feel at home in front of the smartphone screen.

However, it seems I need to remind again that this game is putting forward a very long play process in order to build the best car. But if grinding is the thing that becomes your daily diet, I think this game seems worthy of you to try to play.

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